DIY Colored Pencil Vase

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By Home Decor Contributor Typhanie, from the blog Shoebox Decor.

When I started crafting a few years ago this was one of my first projects. It seemed simple enough to do so I decided to give it a try. In the end it was pretty simple but I learned not to get a can with too many ridges because it makes it harder to glue done the pencils evenly. When I came across this project again on the My Three Sons blog I just knew I had to share it with the Think Crafts community. This vase also makes a wonderful back to school gift for parents and teachers…Happy Crafting Everyone!

Materials Needed:

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  • Beneath the pallid shroud the eyes moved, darting and jerking. Seen anything around here that could be connected, however remotely, to a horn?
  • Step One:

    Clean your soup can and remove the outer wrapper.  Make sure it dries completely. Heat your glue gun.

    Step Two:

    Take one colored pencil, point side up, to create a baseline along seam of can and glue it on. This needs to be very straight for the rest of the pencils to line up correctly.


    Step Three:

    Continue gluing the remaining pencils around the can. Make sure to push the pencils together tightly. If the pencils are tight with no space between you’ll be able to fit about 40 pencils. 

    Step Four:

    Let the glue dry then add your favorite flowers. Enjoy!

    Apple Alphabet Puzzles

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    By Crafts for Learning Contributor, Danielle from the blog Crayonbox Learning.

    This is a fun activity for kids to learn their letters. The kids will match up the capital case letter puzzle piece with the matching lower case letter puzzle piece. Kids will think they are just playing with a puzzle!  

    Materials Needed:


    1. Print Apple Alphabet Puzzles Template onto cardstock.

    2. Option 1 is to print black and white onto cardstock and color with ink pens, option 2 is to color the template prior to printing.

    3. Cut out whole apple alphabet pieces (do not cut center for puzzle until after lamination)

    4. Laminate apple alphabet pieces.

    5. Cut center of apple alphabet pieces to complete the puzzles.

    11th Anniversary Giveaway Winners!!

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    City Wildlife

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    By Cardmaking & Scrapbook Layout Contributor, Peg from the blog Peg’s Crafting Corner.

    I have always enjoyed the nature.  We used to live just four blocks from the Mississippi River so we would always see the wildlife running around including some such as snakes that I’d rather not see.  When we moved several years ago, it was to a larger city so I didn’t think we’d be seeing as much wildlife.  I was sure wrong!  We continue to see a lot of animals so taking photos of them has become a hobby of mine and sometimes even a challenge.  There are several animals that still elude my camera such as the large owl that lives in the trees outside of our house and the red fox that we have now seen roaming the area.  There are others who I have easily gotten their pictures such as the deer in this layout that walked up our sidewalk as my son and I were standing at the corner of our house or the wild canary who was looking in the window at me.  The Peregrine Falcon in the picture decided to sit one day in our gazebo.  As scrapbookers every photo deserves a place in our books and the layouts deserve special embellishments to bring interest to the photo.  Here is an interesting way to add nature to those embellishments. 

    Begin by cutting a piece of kraft cardstock a little larger than your photos to create a mat to attach behind the picture.  Give it a wood grained look by using a light brown colored ink pad (Tea Dye Distress Ink Pad used here) and starting at the edge of the paper run the ink pad flat from the top to bottom of the paper.  Move over to the next space and continue to repeat this step until you have reached the opposite side of the paper.  Now, using a dark brown ink pad (Vintage Photo Distress Ink Pad used here) start running the ink pad down the paper in between where you had run the light ink color as shown in the above picture. 

    Use the Woodgrain Embossing Folder and a die cutting/embossing machine run the mat through the machine to give it a woodgrain texture. 

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  • Sometimes you need a bigger mat size than what the embossing folder is so depending on the pattern of the folder that is easy to fix.  Turn the paper so that the end of it that didn’t emboss is in the folder matching up as closely as possible the pattern where it stopped to where it needs to begin.  Run it through the embossing machine again to finish off the edge of the paper.  You can see in the picture above where there’s a little difference, but that is ok because the picture will cover that little area where the pattern is off.

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  • You can see in this picture how that little area that is off has been covered.  Adhere the picture (or pictures if using more than one) to the photo mat using a tape runner and adhere it or them to the patterned paper (The brown patterned paper is from the Lost & Found Paper Pad by Tim Holtz). 

    Create an interesting title for the layout by using one letter that is in all of the words for your title and play off it by arranging all the words to come from the one letter such as I did with the letter “i” in the words “city” and “wildlife”.  Here I used the Splendid White Thickers by American Crafts.

    Stamp a fun stamp such as the camera stamp from the American Crafts Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Collection  on the layout using a black ink pad and an acrylic block (Black Soot Distress Ink Pad and Inkadinkado Stamp Block used) to create more fun behind the story of the layout and how you captured that challenge photo. 

    Whether your hobby is taking pictures of wildlife or such things as the trees right outside of your window or something you consider a hobby; be sure to capture those moments and then preserve them by creating a layout to share them with others.

    The New Milk Mustache

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    By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog Geek with Glasses.

    My daughter loves all things mustache. It seems they are everywhere these days. Here is a cute idea for parties or to stick inside the lunch box for some fun at lunch or snack time.


    Black cardstock
    Craft knife
    Mustache Shape

    I cut our mustache out of black cardstock. There are many different styles and shapes of mustaches so the possibilities are endless. Once the mustache is cut out, cut an “X” in the center with a craft knife and insert the straw. So easy, but so fun!!!

    If you are doing a Lorax or Dr. Seuss party, you could make a yellow/orange mustache. If the reading in class is Mark Twain, stick a thick white mustache in the lunch box.

    Next day they went on into northern Dunland, where no men now dwelt, though it was a green and pleasant country. French Letter Symbol Pronunciation Guide c (hard sound before a, o, u, or consonant) qu, final q k Say c as in card court document classe kahrt koor doh-kew-mahN klahs qui quoi quatre pourquoi cinq kee kwah kahtr poor-kwah saNk carte Page 21 French Letter Symbol Pronunciation Guide c (soft sound before e, i, y), , s at beginning of word, s next to a consonant, tion (t), x (only in the words given) s cent As you can see, there are lots of ways to get the s sound.
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    Congratulations to Susan F who was randomly selected as our Free Stuff Friday winner! Susan F has won a prize pack from DCWV! DieCuts with a View Paper Stacks provide coordinating printed cardstock for cardmaking, scrapbooking, paper crafts projects and more!

    DieCuts Printed Paper Stack 12x 12 Be Mine contains 2 sheets each of 24 designs that includes damasks, lace, hearts, text, collage, and many more. All in shades of Pale Pink, Watermelon, Yellow, Mint, Aqua, Taupe, Cream, and White, many with glitter accents. DieCuts Printed Paper Stack 12x 12 Christmas contains 2 sheets each of 24 styles. 12 styles have glitter accents. Some of the styles include stripes, plaids, argyle, word collages, snowflakes, Santa face, and more. All in shades of Ivory, Ice Blue, Mint Green, Pink, Red, Evergreen, and White.

    Susan’s winning answer to “What are your plans for Labor Day weekend?” was…

    “My husband is starting to build me an old fashioned ice box and I am going to be scrapping in my scrapbook room! What a better way to spend the weekend.”

    Photo Vase

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    By General Crafts Contributor Melissa, from the blog MeloMomma.

    Honestly, this is way easier than it looks. It takes time but it is such an awesome project and makes an exceptional gift. I chose a large vase but you can do this with smaller photos and a smaller vase as well.

    What you will need:


    Cut out several pictures and several squares of tissue paper. Apply a tin layer of modge podge to the glass vase. Work in small sections. Lay a picture against the vase and firmly smooth out. Repeat with additional pictures and tissue paper squares. Allow to completely dry. Cover with a very thin layer of Mod Podge. Allow to dry and BAM it’s done!

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